Buying or selling your home is much more than a business transaction. Even in the very best of circumstances, this will be a time of major change in your life; a time when finding the right person to support and guide you through the process is critical to ensuring a successful outcome.


How to choose? 


There are many criteria to consider when you choose a broker to partner with you—skills and experience, core values, work ethic, all should be factors in your decision making process. Perhaps the most critical factor is one that is difficult to measure—can you trust and depend on the individual you choose?


Let me tell you something about myself—my skills, my beliefs and values, and how I work, and most important, my commitment to you.


What have I been doing all these years?


I have over twenty years’ experience working in sales, marketing and promotions. I have run my own company, producing and marketing fitness videotapes (under the name Deborah Crocker, just in case you own one of my tapes!). I’ve been a manager, and have worked with a wide range of people in a variety of organizations during my career, including Nike and Nordstrom.


I moved from Chicago to Portland in 1991 for the great outdoors—to satisfy my love of hiking, snowshoeing, and combing the beaches. I have lived on both the west and east sides of town. If you’re not familiar with the Portland area, I would be glad to take you on my “Portland Tour”. I find it most beneficial to get the lay of the land, and give my client’s a feel for the neighborhoods. As an example, on a clear day the top of Council Crest Park has views of the valley, downtown, and the mountains.


What about the way I work?


I’ll be with you every step of the way—from our first conversation until I hand your keys over to you. I’ll be your one-stop-shop for information, whether you’re looking for a list of home inspectors, contractors or lenders. I’m energetic, I follow through, and I love the search process!


Do we share core values?


Here are some of the personal characteristics and values that mean the most to me, and how each will impact our work together.

Honesty: I commit to candor and honesty in all of our dealings together and to providing you with all the data and information you will need to make informed decisions.

Integrity (defined as “steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code”): I commit to maintaining the highest level of integrity as we work together, more than anything, I commit to a working relationship built on mutual trust.

Work ethic: From my childhood years, when my parents instilled the importance of a strong work ethic, through my professional career in sales and marketing to today, as we begin our work together, I commit to diligence and persistence in every task along the way. There’s no “half-way” in my work life!


Lastly, I’ll do my best to make this process interesting and fun for you!